Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Park, Nottingham

I haven't blogged in a very, very long time but I wanted to say hello and share some stuff with you. If you didn't know, I've started back at university studying photography and I'm absolutely loving it! I'm really busy, hence the lack of blogging, and the photographs above are just a few shots I took for a book workshop.


Thursday, 12 September 2013


I am so excited to share with you all my holiday to Ibiza that I won a couple of months ago with Travel Supermarket! Dan and I left for Ibiza on Friday last week and got home two days ago and can honestly say we had an amazing time! I hope you don't mind picture heavy blog posts, as this will be one of those!
The hotel I chose to stay at was Sirenis Hotel Goleta, a four star hotel in Playa d'en Bossa. The hotel was perfect! Very clean and modern and we could see the sea in our 'land view' room! Our room was so pretty and big, the only negative thing is that we slept on two beds pushed together but that wasn't really a big deal. We spent a lot of time sunbathing down by the pool and it never really got busy so it was super easy to relax! The pool area looks onto the beach and the mini port they have, it was just a really lovely view to look at whilst sunbathing or swimming! Our board was bed and breakfast and I'm always a little weary of breakfasts at hotels but this one had everything! If you're not a vegetarian like me, they always had bacon and sausages, for the veggies they had lots of cheeses, bread, omelettes and eggs! One morning they served hash browns and I was just all over that, ugh yum.
On our first full day we had a walk around Playa d'en Bossa. We stopped at Bora Bora beach for a drink but ended up staying there all night, as you can imagine we both got quite tipsy and this resulted in me dancing on tables with strangers! Thankfully there aren't any pictures from that night to prove this! P.S Dan isn't much of a dancer, I think you can tell by the photo!
The next day after we had gotten over our hangover, we got the 'aqua bus' to Ibiza Town. Here we got a real sense of 'real life' Ibiza, especially in the Ramparts. Even though there were tourists, they weren't all young clubbers like in Playa d'en Bossa or San Antonio. The Ramparts' streets are lined with small houses and restaurants with al fresco dining and the views of the rest of Ibiza Town and the port are amazing. We also made one or two little feline friends up there!
For our dinner that day, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe as neither of us had ever been to one before. Can we all just admire the size of that plate of nachos? That was our starter! We were so full, we hadn't even got to our mains!
On our last full day we headed out to San Antonio which is about a 20 minute drive from where we were staying. I really wish we had gotten more time to spend in San Antonio because I really enjoyed the atmosphere there. We had a couple of drinks in the bars along the beach and stopped off at the Ocean Beach Club until late. To me this club is very 'cool', too cool for me haha but it's really lovely. You can hire beds and sun beds and just chill all day there, drinking cocktails and listening to the music in the sun, sounds perfect! We also ate at their roof top restaurant and watched the sun go down. I had some gorgeous vegetarian sushi which I wish I took a picture of, just believe me, it was so good!

I told you there were a lot of pictures! I had the best time and I think I am a little bit in love with this place. I really don't think 4 days in enough time to experience the whole of Ibiza, so I am determined to go back, maybe stay in San Antonio this time and go to some of the bigger clubs, just to see what they're like. I've also been toying with the idea of spending an entire season there next year, but maybe that's just the holiday blues talking! I hope you've enjoyed this post and a huge thank you to Charlotte and David from Travel Supermarket for sorting this trip out for me and of course, Emma at milkteef for choosing me!

My Birthday Wishlist

The time has come again and I am turning 21 in exactly 10 days! I was feeling a bit apprehensive at first, as this time last year I was living in London and didn't get to spend any of my birthday with my family and had a bit of a down day. However, this year I do get to see my family and I'll also be in the process of moving to Nottingham, so that's exciting! I ran into the constant problem of 'what do I want for my birthday?!' as I've been asked several times what I'd like. To be honest, I don't really desperately want or need anything at the moment, however I decided to make a little wish list of things that I've seen that I've particularly liked!
Seeing as I'm starting my photography course soon, I thought it was an appropriate time to get a new film camera, something that's fairly cheap and easy and decent to use whilst at uni. I do actually need a new camera bag come to think of it! My DSLR has gone through enough without it being put in my handbag day after day. This lovely red camera bag from Etsy is just perfect, it's cute, not too big and chunky buts fits everything I'll need!
I first heard about Olivia Burton on ASOS when I saw some of their beautiful watches for sale. I already have a Michael Kors watch but I think something like this Olivia Burton one would be much more suitable for everyday. I love the face and the dials and the colour of the strap, so pretty!
They're really the main things on this wishlist, if I got any of the above 3 I'd be very lucky, everything else is just a bonus, especially some flowers!!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Journey to Clear Skin | The Beginning

Oh, how incredibly lucky you have to be to have 'perfect' skin. My skin isn't terrible, it was a lot worse when I was younger, but I've been damned with large pores, acne-prone combination skin and redness. I'm not completely unhappy with my skin or my looks but I want to make it my mission to get clearer and healthier skin! When I was younger I had very acne-prone oily skin, which has left me with faint acne scars. I get a lot more dry patches now, around the tops of my cheeks, nose and around blemishes. I think, like a lot of girls, my acne is mostly hormonal but I do still get the odd one or two or three when it's not the totm! My skin has always had a bid of redness. You can't really see in the pictures but I have very red cheeks which I inherited from my Mother (thanks Mum!), but it is easily disguised under foundation. I've also had the lovely visible pores I have living on my nose since I can remember! My pores are probably what I dislike most about my skin, I can hide them under a layer of make-up, but the thought of them clogging up from all the dirt and make-up just makes me feel ill.
These are all the things I'd like to change about my skin. I want to be able to leave the house with wearing little to no face make-up on and feel good about it!
botanics all bright cleansing toner / botanics shine away cleansing mousse / clarins gentle refiner exfoliator / simple replenishing rich moisturiser / skin therapy fragrance free make-up wipes 
ren rosa centifolir cleansing gel / ren frankincense revitalising night cream / la roche-posay effaclar duo / hydraluron serum 

These are the products I've been using recently, some more than others. My most recent buys are the Hydraluron serum and the Effaclar Duo. Some products I think aren't doing anything for me but I do that thing where I use them anyway, just in case they're doing something! Such as the Botanics Cleansing Toner, it's great for taking off the make-up that my wipes may have missed, but there's nothing brightening about it! During this little (hopefully) series, I'll be buying new products to try and review and document my progress. 
To also help on my journey, I'll also be cutting back on the amount of make-up I wear, I'll be eating and drinking better, and I'll be stopping a couple of, occasional, bad habits which are known to make your skin look sad (i.e picking!) I'm also on the look out for higher end, better quality make-up which will help my skin look healthier and as a treat to myself if I do reach clear skin success!

Please leave any tips or skincare/make-up product recommendations in the comments! Anything that helps with acne-prone, combination skin with large pores and redness, I'll be very happy! Wish me luck!
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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hair Inspiration

Is it just me, or do all of these wonderful ladies look strangely similar, and not just because of their hair!? At the moment, I still have my blonde hair and even though it's not proving to be a pain in the bum to look after, I'm slowly getting bored and am never fully satisfied with the unintentional ombre-ness. It didn't take much for me to decide to dye my hair a light ginger colour, when a lot of people who I admire have or have had ginger hair, including Alison Sudol, Hannah Metz, Marianne of Esme and the Laneway, Kate Walsh and Christina Hendricks. I have all of my hair dye bought and ready, now I just need to find my balls (and some time) and actually do it! I'm scared it'll be very bright orange when I first dye it but with previous red/ginger hair experience, I know it fades quickly. If you can remember my red hair days, yay you! If you can remember my ginger hair days, dear god you are unlucky! Here's a lil 'Hannah's hair history' for you.. (ugh)
Luckily I can't find any pictures of me with ginger hair! Not that I want to show you anyway ha!
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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My Bedroom Wishlist

Mirror - Ikea / Lamp - Ikea / Green glass Jar - H&M / Glass Bottles - Ikea / Flip Clock - Urban Outfitters / Nightstand - Chaise Longue / Bed - Chaise Longue / Red Herringbone Rug - Urban Outfitters / Frames - Ikea / Candleholder - Ikea / Patterned Cushion - H&M / Striped Cushion - H&M / Velvet Cushion - H&M / Striped Throw - Ikea / His & Hers Pillows - Etsy
I have been a lover of interior design for a very, very long time, thanks to my Mother, Tumblr and Pinterest! I'm also a recent fan of Elle Decoration, how have I never bought that mag before?! I absolutely cannot wait to get my own little house or apartment and make it into my own beautiful sanctuary! So, I was very excited when I received an email from the Chaise Longue Boutique, letting me know about a competition they're doing at the moment, where you can create a dream interior wishlist to win an iPad! I decided to focus my wishlist on my 'dream bedroom' as my bedroom is important to me and has to be both comfortable and cool! I love the idea of having white walls and dark wooden flooring. Then letting all of the different materials, textures and colours throughout the rest of the room doing the talking, whilst still keeping some things simple when needed. Glass jars and bottles are probably my favourite decoration, you can put flowers in them, put other pretty things in them or just leave them as they are! Little pots or candle holders are perfect for putting pens or make-up brushes in, it looks really pretty and keeps them tidy! I'm also in love with the quirky, vintage style flip clock and the work lamp is just gorgeous!

What do you think? How cute are those His and Hers pillows?!
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